Bocca Nera

BOCCA NERA – A new catering concept at the beautiful location of the Bonnefant in Hasselt.


RE | CORE – Masterplan for a multi-purpose site

Kattameya Mall

Kattameya Mall – Concept desing for a shopping mall in Cairo


HAZ – design for a multi-purpose building with restaurant, brasserie and shop

NAC Grimbergen

NAC Grimbergen – Design proposal for a new cityhall


A cutting edge – future proof – new building for tailor-made working offices of Bewel.

SAC Beringen

SAC Beringen – New cityhall design for Beringen

City Loft

City loft – A new way of living in the center of Hasselt

VM Brugge

VM Brugge – Competition design for a residential area in Bruges


GO! – Secondary school for +/- 700 students with a specialty in sports.

‘t Scheep

‘t Scheep – Hasselt’s new town hall is a unique combination of old and new


HasHotel – a new look for one of Hasselts’ biggest hotels


Amiens – Masterplan for Amiens

Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin – Design and masterplan for 8000 sm site


be-MINE – Urban development at the former colliery of Beringen


Putte – Residential site study

House SB

House SB – A balancing act between maximum landscape experience and subtle integration into the street


Namen – Residential site study


BRIM – design for a gas station


Balen – residential site

House S

House S – Private house design

House K

House K – Private house concept

House B

House B – Private house with a courtyard feeling


Bordeaux – Boutique hotel design

Dethier HQ

Dethier HQ – Competition design for an office building

Garden Pavilion AK

Garden Pavilion AK – A busy schedule and a great love of nature and greenery for a garden pavilion

House VHS

House VHS – Reorganising an existing house and bringing it up to date

Het Molenhof

Het Molenhof – The preservation of the genius loci is a priority when transforming this walled school site into a residential area


Zuidtoren – A tower in Maastricht

2 x kadet

2XKadet – A new home for children’s clothing store 2xKadet

Maastricht Park

Maastricht Park – Residential development for a unique site

House V

House V – a family home with practice area

Essers HQ

Essers HQ – Concept design for transport firm Essers


Lumase – A green oasis


Het CORdAAT – Fresh restaurant design at the Corda Campus

Care Facility Eyckendael

Care Facility Eyckendael – A divers expansion of the project area of the residential care facility


Cumulo – a newly thought-out spatial framework for the canal area


Refuga – A new architecture along the outskirts with respect for the historical context of the inner city of Hasselt


Casa MKAC – A mordernist touch for a young family home


As – Residential and commerial concept


Peppe’s – new culinairy concept in the center of Genk

House G

House G – L-shaped villa with a broad view and close garden contact

House SLH

House SLH – Contemporary city home that fits into the surrounding area

House CM

House CM – Very livable concrete

Shark House

Shark House – Jaw-dropping design for a private house


KWINT – A central meeting spot for the newly opened ‘Brussels Square Conference Center’

Hudson Hotel

Hudson Hotel – An exciting urban adventure, a unique experience


Belair – A strong connection between upper town and lower town