House SB

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  • Location: Peer, Belgium
  • Program: Family home with garden pavilion
  • Area: 525 m²
  • Year: 2021
  • Status: Realized

The beautiful landscape and the favorable orientation of the plot were the breeding ground for a concept in which well-thought-out openings, perspectives, light entry, and patios enhance the general experience internally and externally.

The design became a balancing act between maximum landscape experience on the one hand and subtle integration into the street on the other. The house, garden pavilion, and swimming pool have been carefully planned so that the privacy of the adjacent plots is respected. The trapezoidal plot and the explicit request from the client not to use oblique lines led to the insertion of a patio in the house. Cut-outs became terraces and differences in level ensure that the landscape is experienced in different dimensions. The choice of brick architecture creates a serene impression and playing with verticality and horizontality emphasizes the volume effect of the building.