Bree Breughel

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  • Location: Hasselt, Belgium
  • Program: Residential
  • Area: 3.694 m²
  • Year: 2022
  • Status: Realized

The project area is located on the corner of Breestraat and Breughellaante in the middle of the residential and rustic Willemswijk. When drawing up the design for this project of 20 residential units, a combination was sought between the rustic character of the neighborhood and the architecture and accessibility of the city.
Bringing back the rusticity of a residential area to the ease of life in the city can be found in the clean lines of the architecture that emphasizes stylish tranquility. The typical green avenues and lush front gardens for which the Willemswijk is known are also a starting point that is reflected in the concept of the project.
The architecture nods and slopes organically as a link between the two streets, with a small-scale building that fits in nicely with the existing streetscapes in a contemporary interpretation with sloping lines and lots of light.
Bree & Breughel offers spacious apartments, which are perfectly located between the large villas in the Breughellaan and the classic apartment buildings in the Breestraat. By making the corner, the building has two facades, each with its own character. For example, the building in the Breughellaan is moving backwards to make way for front gardens with grasses, hedges and trees. This creates more greenery and more privacy.
The building height is in line with the surrounding detached houses and gradually rises as we get closer to the Breestraat.
The covered terraces run uninterrupted along the entire building, for exceptionally large outdoor spaces. With their fine bar work and bronze-colored handle, they provide an elegant interplay of lines and strong horizontality for Bree & Breughel.
The corner of the building itself is softened: sloping and flowing, with curved glass in bronze-coloured aluminum joinery and terraces that follow the curve. In the Breestraat, the building follows the building line and looks more slender, with a shorter facade and a higher building height, connecting to the existing apartment buildings in the street.