Hamont HB

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  • Location: Hamont-Achel, Belgium
  • Program: Residential, Apartements
  • Area xxxx m²
  • Year: 2023
  • Status: Realized

The client’s eye fell on a characterful site in the center of Hamont-Achel. He chose to develop a contemporary living concept with respect for the past. The new project includes the demolition of the former café and liquor store, with the liquor store designated as an architectural heritage site. Despite this title, the value of the whole is negligible as there are no authentic valuable elements present. The choice for new construction goes hand in hand with refined detailing. By using red-brown facing brick architecture, a connection is sought with the neighbors, and integration into the streetscape is achieved. The existing plinth in the front facade and the mouse tooth will be extended. An open steel slat structure refers to the former sliding gates and also ensures privacy for the residents. On the corner of the street, vertical brick masonry forms a contemporary interpretation of the corner volume. In total, three ground-level homes and 2 apartments with garages & carports have been realized. The garden sheds of the houses are accessible via a garden path. Within this urbanized village center, the project seeks integration into the streetscape, but with a fresh individuality.