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  • Location: Beveren, Belgium
  • Program: Residential
  • Area: 16.595 m²
  • Year: 2021
  • Status: Competition

The project zone is directly adjacent to Lange Dreef in downtown Beveren, a historic beech avenue linking the old village core with the “Cortewalle” castle estate, a key scenic element in the municipality. Our vision prioritizes preserving and enhancing these cherished landscape features.

The master plan’s urban design concept connects different atmospheres at the project’s edges: the upcoming urban events square to the north, and the historic Lange Dreef to the south. The plan respects the historic avenue and aims for a layout that both augments its scenic value and establishes a link with the events square.

Expanding on this concept, four structures are positioned at the corners of a shared base, allowing light and views to flow through, creating a sense of openness. The spaces between are envisioned as lush green roofs with high vegetation, underscoring the landscape’s character.

This landscape theme is further extended by opening the shared base in the center, creating a quality outdoor space, or “hortus conclusus” — an enclosed garden reminiscent of Beveren’s historical courtyards. This garden, marked by intensive greening in various sections, becomes a focal point for socialization. It’s not just densely planted, but also features elements like a terrace near a multipurpose space, a play area, and more.

Implementing this holistic “green project,” which reflects Beveren’s diverse landscape qualities, represents a sustainable, functional choice honoring the environment and future prospects. It’s a future-proof strategy responding to the potentials and assets Gravenplein offers.

The residential options cater to the varying needs of different inhabitants. A mixed target audience informs a diversity in living spaces. The design and volume of the buildings reflect this variety, encompassing multiple layout types: through-apartments, corner units, ground-level units, penthouses, duplexes, 60 assisted living units, each ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms, encouraging social diversity with a mix including young starters, families, and seniors.

By incorporating protruding terraces, the structures remain compact, generating an engaging play of light and shadow on the façades. The terraces’ design is project-defining, conceptualized from the idea of a round table, leading to an organic form contrasting with the rational building volumes and harmonizing with the landscape. Terraces are alternated at each level, preventing overshadowing and enhancing natural light in the apartments. Planters integrated into the terraces and façades bring nature directly to the building, even accommodating intensive planting or small trees. The building radiates a natural essence, becoming one with its setting.