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  • Location: Bernia, Spain
  • Program: Masterplan
  • Area: 205.000 m²
  • Year: 2021
  • Status: In progress

Nestled in the picturesque southeast of Spain, between Calpe and Benidorm, lies the Sierra de Bernia. The Bernia Natura domain offers a stunning landscape that perfectly blends the beauty of the sea and the rolling hills. This location is not just a scenic retreat; it’s a canvas of inspiration, surrounded by lush greenery and untamed nature, offering boundless possibilities.

Under the visionary guidance of artist and creator Arne Quinze, Bernia Natura is set to transform into a harmonious environment where people, art, and nature coalesce. The development will be executed with deep respect for the existing terrain and slopes, ensuring that the architecture seamlessly integrates into the landscape. Of the 117 hectares, only 56 are designated for residential development, a decision that aligns with Valencia’s territorial development plans and allows for ample natural space. This approach ensures that Bernia Natura retains its verdant character and distinct identity.

The project aims to restore the land’s original ecosystem, converting the agricultural area, currently dominated by loquat monoculture, back into a Mediterranean forest and re-establishing flower meadows rich in fauna and flora.

The development plan includes a commercial area accessible via a new roundabout from the main road, serving the entire Bernia Natura area. A public car park will be established at the foothills, while the first residential complex, designed for the elderly, will be located further along the main road to the north. Nature will serve as a buffer between the commercial and residential areas, ensuring a tranquil and peaceful coexistence of different activities.

Further north, the residential areas will blend into the natural terrain, featuring both large and small villas set amidst protected natural habitats. A hotel strategically placed to overlook the mountainous landscape will offer breathtaking sea views.

At the domain’s highest point, near its border, Arne Quinze will establish an artistic park. This space will symbolize the symbiosis between humanity and nature, guiding us towards a deeper connection with our inner selves and the essence of life, embodying the spirit of Mother Earth.