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  • Location: Liege, Belgium
  • Program: Student housing
  • Area: 27.927 m²
  • Year: 2021
  • Status: In progress

The project harmonizes with the natural landscape through an elliptical design that respects the terrain’s slope, presenting a five-level structure thoughtfully integrated with the environment. Each level is tactically cut to minimize impact on the natural relief. The facade design is straightforward yet sophisticated, featuring a base of brushed grey plaster for neutrality and an intricate layer of horizontal rails with sliding sunshade panels, seamlessly blending with the existing structure.

Drawing inspiration from Strebelle’s original masterplan, the building adopts a vibrant color palette, adding a layer of inclusivity and identity with a gradient scheme reminiscent of a rainbow, symbolizing inclusivity. The building is segmented into seven parts to enhance interior perspectives and accessibility, centered around a lushly greened courtyard designed as a communal hub for students, promoting interaction and offering diverse outdoor activities.

Fire safety consultations have informed the patio’s design to accommodate fire truck access, doubling as a pathway for occasional deliveries and waste collection. Strategic placement of elevators and staircases facilitates connectivity, creating communal terraces for social interaction. The phased renovation of Building B13 transforms communal areas into multifunctional spaces with modern amenities, while the existing concrete facade’s renovation ensures the building’s architectural integrity is preserved, blending heritage with contemporary living standards.