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  • Location: Amiens, France
  • Program: Retail, Hotel
  • Area: 34.000 m²
  • Year: 2018
  • Status: In progress

Somme Parc is an innovative commercial park and regional-scale garden center designed to serve as a natural and vibrant living space. Situated at the heart of nature yet in close proximity to the city, it aims to fill a significant gap in the region’s current commercial offerings, particularly in strategic sectors where there is a notable absence of brands.

The commercial landscape of the region has been characterized by a deficit in fulfilling the shopping and service needs of the local population, estimated at 97,000 residents in the core zone. Somme Parc intends to address these needs by offering a commercial mix that is both unique and complementary, particularly in the sectors of food, personal and home equipment, and cultural/leisure activities. This offering is strategically positioned to be more accessible to consumers than the options available in Amiens, a factor that is pivotal for regional customers who prefer shopping options within closer proximity.

Conceived as an open-air commercial zone, Somme Parc integrates nature to create a serene and welcoming environment for ‘green shopping’ within its diverse range of commercial spaces. The park aims to redefine the shopping experience by blending retail with a respect for sustainable values.

With a corrected catchment area in mind, Somme Parc sets out to cater to an estimated consumption potential of 758 million Euros. This is a clear indication of the park’s ambitious goal to be a prime destination for a variety of shopping needs and leisure activities, offering a blend that is not only unique in its composition but also in the experience it provides.

Somme Parc has been thoughtfully developed as a lifestyle space that offers a reprieve from city stress. It is positioned to respond to the expressed desires of a new generation of consumers—those who are not only looking for products and services but also for an experience that aligns with their values, particularly the principles of sustainable development.

The park’s environment incorporates outdoor leisure options and an educational farm, presenting an ideal backdrop for family relaxation and enjoyment. These elements contribute to the park’s goal to become a family-friendly locale where one can unwind, socialize, and partake in a different kind of shopping experience—one that emphasizes environmental respect and educational value.

Somme Parc is envisioned to become more than a shopping location; it aspires to be a community space where consumers can enjoy nature, participate in outdoor activities, and learn about sustainability practices through interactive experiences like the pedagogical farm. It is a project that blends commercial pursuits with educational and environmental consciousness, seeking to establish a new standard for shopping centers in the modern era.

By intertwining commercial diversity with natural beauty and sustainable practices, Somme Parc is poised to offer a comprehensive solution to the region’s commercial and social needs. It presents a forward-thinking approach to retail, striving to serve the local population with an array of services and experiences that are both convenient and in harmony with environmental stewardship.