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  • Location: Lanaken, Belgium
  • Program: Showroom & offices
  • Area: 2.143 m²
  • Year: 2019
  • Status: Realized
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Nelissen Bricks, with its roots stretching back to 1921, has evolved from a modest family venture into a leading international force in the brick industry. To highlight its journey and leadership, the company has unveiled a state-of-the-art facility designed to showcase its product range in a professional setting.

The new building’s ground floor, with its welcoming U-shape facing the street, houses the reception and administrative areas, symbolizing openness and accessibility. Above, the first floor’s parallelogram shape encircles an open space, guiding visitors through an immersive showroom tour around this central void. The top floor, mirroring the ground level’s U-shape, hosts more administrative spaces and overlooks the industrial site, blending indoor and outdoor environments seamlessly. This structure reflects Nelissen Bricks’ global presence, with interiors that celebrate bricks as both art and technology.

The fourth generation of the Nelissen family has infused the establishment with an experiential approach, benefiting visitors and staff alike. The design process involved thorough planning to accommodate all functions and individual needs, resulting in an open yet intimate office landscape on the ground floor. This area is adorned with premium materials and features a video wall in the waiting area that showcases all employees, enhancing the company’s familial essence.

To streamline visitor flow, the ground floor includes multiple entrances and a welcoming reception area complete with a coffee corner. The first-floor showroom is curated like a museum, with versatile consultation spaces, a workshop area, and a central bar, all enriched by digital tools. An app and interactive touchscreens aid visitors in selecting and reviewing bricks, while the “Brickxperience” room offers a 180° screen for visualizing bricks in architectural models.

The open office layout on the top floor, with transparent glass partitions, promotes transparency in both design and culture. Offices are designed to be inviting, with personal niches and two cloakrooms, embodying Nelissen Bricks’ commitment to innovation, experience and community.

In collaboration with Architectengroep PSK