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  • Location: Hasselt, Belgium
  • Program: Hotel, Restaurant
  • Area: 2.400 m2
  • Year: 2018
  • Status: Realized
  • Link: http://www.hassotel.be

With the ongoing development of the new Hasselt town hall, HasHotel is embarking on an expansion project. The hotel’s renovation will encompass several new areas: a modernized restaurant, a redesigned lobby, the inclusion of 15 additional hotel rooms, and a top-tier penthouse. Maintaining the building’s architectural lineage, the facade along Guffenslaan will be preserved, updated with a clean, contemporary white finish.

On the ground floor, the restaurant area is being reimagined to offer improved functionality and space. Alongside it, the entrance leads guests to a transparent section, fostering an open ambiance. The first floor will be home to the lobby, which has been architecturally planned to curve subtly in the direction of Limburgplein. A feature of note is the refurbished club located in the basement. The central void at the entrance has been crafted to connect these distinct areas, ensuring fluid movement and fostering a sense of space. Furthermore, an external staircase is being introduced to facilitate direct access from the city center to the hotel’s first floor.

Above this foundational structure, a 6-story tower will be erected. This tower will comprise 15 hotel rooms and a suite, with each floor being distinctly staggered by at least 60cm, an architectural decision aimed at breaking monotony. A choice of white ceramic tiles for the exterior ensures continuity with the existing building’s design. Gold elements will be added, not for extravagance, but as a design choice to delineate certain aspects of the facade.

The interiors will incorporate materials like walnut, travertine, and herringbone parquet, aiming for a balance of aesthetic appeal and durability. The room designs will be standardized with variations of blue, beige, and green color palettes. This is not just for decorative purposes but is also aimed at providing a calm atmosphere conducive for rest.

Stairways and corridors are integral to the hotel’s layout, ensuring efficient movement across the building. Design touches, such as gold-accented paneling in stairwells, arch structures on ceilings, and the choice of deep green for carpeting, have been made based on both aesthetics and functionality. For easy identification, each room will feature a distinct golden room number.

Moreover, the signage and print materials of the hotel have been reworked to be straightforward and consistent with the hotel’s overall design theme. This involves using a blend of blue, beige, and green alongside sleek fonts for clarity.

In essence, the updated HasHotel will be characterized by its harmonious blend of architecture and functionality, offering both guests and visitors a well-thought-out space in the heart of Hasselt.