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In response to the development of the new Hasselt town hall, HasHotel is expanding its current building with a renewed restaurant zone, lobby, 15 hotel rooms, and a penthouse. The existing head at the level of the Guffenslaan will be retained in the concept and will have a contemporary white appearance.

The restaurant and entrance area to the lobby are located on the ground floor level. The entire level will be completely open and will have a transparent facade. On the first floor is the lobby, which subtly curves towards Limburgplein. A renewed club will be housed in the existing basement. The three floors are connected to each other by the central void at the level of the entrance. Interesting views from the basement level to the lobby level provide a clear spaciousness. The lobby level is also directly accessible from the outside, an outside staircase leads you from the city center to the first floor.

A 6-story tower with 15 hotel rooms and 1 suite will be built on top of this transparent plinth. The tower is made up of 6 volumes, each staggered at least 60cm from the other, creating a surprising image. The entire tower is covered with white ceramic tiles to form one whole with the existing building, which has a contemporary white appearance. Furthermore, gold accents are used to aesthetically emphasize the lines in the facade.

These gold accents are extended to the interior in which rich materials are used. The presence of walnut, travertine, and herringbone parquet creates a warm atmosphere throughout the entire hotel. The combination of surprising details contributes to a unique experience of the hotel. The rooms work with color themes in which blue, beige, and green alternate.

Stairways and corridors are also included in the experience concept. The paneling in the stairwells is detailed with a golden accent that then continues into the hallways. Ceilings are finished with arch structures and surprising wallpaper designs. The counter shape of the ceiling is expressed in the deep green carpet. Each room is personalized with a highlighted golden room number.

The design of architecture and interior architecture is extended to the smallest details. Signage and printing are designed in the same line. Gold accents are combined with sleek fonts and the colors blue, beige, and green.

The new HasHotel is there to experience and discover.