OO Kortrijk – Van Marcke site

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  • Location: Kortrijk, Belgium
  • Program: Mixed-use
  • Area: 155.000 m²
  • Year: 2019
  • Status: In progress

Envisioning the Future of Van Marcke Site: A Narrative of Sustainable Transformation

In the city of Kortrijk, the future of the Van Marcke site is being reimagined through a pioneering collaboration between OMGEVING and UAUcollectiv. Awarded the comprehensive task of developing a master plan, the team is set to create not just a physical space but a blueprint for a living, adaptive urban area.

This project starts with the unique attributes of the site – its topography and existing structures – viewed not as constraints but as opportunities. The guiding concept of “Space Identity” steers the development away from conventional functional layouts towards a strategy that integrates sustainability, circularity, and the preservation of identity. This approach promises a development that respects the site’s heritage while positioning it for future generations.

The plan proposes a dynamic, learning city district that moves away from fixed, short-term planning frameworks. The strategy is designed to be flexible and responsive to shifts in social trends and community needs. It is based on the principle that urban development should be a continuous process.

The spatial organization is articulated through “urban rooms” and “public joints”. These rooms are flexible development spaces that will evolve with their uses and the needs of the community. The public joints connect these rooms, enhancing the site’s integration with Kortrijk’s urban texture and promoting greener, pedestrian-friendly pathways.

The preservation and adaptive reuse of each building on the site is of paramount importance. Each building will receive a “passport” that outlines its historical significance and potential future uses. This thoughtful approach ensures that valuable architectural elements are retained and repurposed.

As this vision for the Van Marcke site unfolds, it aims to weave together living, working, and recreational environments into a cohesive urban tapestry. This development is not just about building structures; it is also about fostering a sustainable, vibrant community space that evolves with its inhabitants. The project stands as a testament to thoughtful urban planning, focusing on long-term adaptability and community integration.