Bikini Berlin

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  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Program: Retail, Hotel, Restaurant, Offices,
  • Area: 84.000 m²
  • Year: 2014
  • Status: Realized
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“Those wishing to actively develop commercial real estate in inner-city locations nowadays are well-advised to anticipate the structural and need-oriented transformation which will mark and also change this sector in the years to come. It’s about creating places of central relevance in an attractive neighborhood and with optimum accessibility to the public infrastructure, which distinguishes themselves by their architectural appeal.”

Michael Kercheval CEO and president of the International Council of Shopping Centers


Berlin’s Zoologischer Garten, rich in history, epitomized optimism and “the new West” a century ago. With Berlin’s pioneering cinemas, it was a hotspot of life and culture. After the war, the city’s revival in the 1950s, led by architects Schozsberger and Schwebes, resulted in the “Zentrum am Zoo” – a mecca for Berlin’s fashion. Its distinct design birthed its beloved nickname, “Bikini-Haus”.

Half a century later, this iconic landmark underwent a transformation, reborn as Bikini Berlin. The rejuvenation aimed to resonate with the contemporary urban spirit, offering both vibrant energy and tranquil corners. The modern vision here beautifully meshes global influences with local traditions, rapid progress with tranquility, and respects both the past and the future.


Bikini Berlin stands as a beacon of innovation in a city steeped in history. It anticipates and addresses urban shifts, becoming a focal point for those championing this change. In this dynamic hub, individuals can find a contemporary space that appreciates art, culture, and modern demands while paying homage to its history.

Marrying historical preservation with cutting-edge designs, Bikini Berlin is primed for a new age. Instead of merely preserving the past, it’s about adapting, evolving, and presenting fresh concepts that resonate with today’s urbanites. Bikini Berlin is a testament to how spaces can fluidly adapt, reflecting facets like Work, Shopping, Entertainment, Relaxation, Living, and Mobility.


Bikini Berlin is more than architecture; it’s an experience. Nestled in the heart of Berlin, it promises to invigorate the Zoologischer Garten area, merging historical reverence with the dynamism of a metropolis. Its eclectic mix of high-end restaurants, unique shopping experiences, wellness centers, workspaces, and the renowned Kino Zoo Palast cinema is set to reposition City West as a visionary urban hub.

In a world where cities often feel homogenized, Bikini Berlin stands out. It offers a haven where contrasts coexist – nature with urban sprawl, serenity with excitement. This urban oasis responds to the modern desire for distinctiveness, inspiration, and a forward-looking perspective. At its heart, Bikini Berlin aims to harmonize contrasts, breathing new life into a historical space, making it relevant and resonant for today and tomorrow.