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For a successful development of the area, we emphasize the crucial importance of careful planning and arrangement of the public space. The public space serves as the first impression and the foundation of the area development. In this design, we have built upon existing structures already present in the area.

One of our main priorities is creating a well-defined space at the new entrance to the town hall. This public access deserves a high-quality and beautifully designed place, with attention to quality paving that has a welcoming and representative appearance.

The building block located to the north at the corner of Pater Jacobsstraat and the new access road to the inner area will serve as a guiding element. On the north side, at the so-called ‘mispad,’ there is the opportunity to provide a green buffer that ensures privacy between the existing and new developments.

It provides access to an open space around which various residential blocks are organized.

The building block located to the south on the Gemeenteplein also contributes to the further development of the inner area and extends the urban dynamics of the Gemeenteplein to the new entrance of the town hall. This building is designed with subtle bends along the plot boundaries, resulting in an expansion and dynamism towards this inner garden. We aim for a harmonious whole in shape and material choice. The architecture forms a contemporary interpretation and nods to the adjacent town hall. Along with the spatial positioning and architecture, the project will play a prominent role in the experience and revitalization of the Gemeenteplein. Therefore, we aim to shape this building block in such a way that living becomes attractive. The architectural language is innovative and transcends traditional development architecture.

Upon viewing the historic town hall, the grey base and the red brick architecture immediately catch the eye. The project is a contemporary interpretation of these characteristics. For instance, the base will be executed in a grey concrete structure, topped by a facade of red brickwork with a dynamic play of red-pigmented concrete elements. These architectural elements add both calm and dynamism to the facade, creating a lively spectacle on each facade of the project.

The ground floor will be recessed significantly at the level of the Gemeenteplein and the alley, being pushed into the embankment. This setback accentuates and enlarges the movement from the town square to the main entrance of the town hall. Along with a spacious consumption area on the square, part of this space will also be allocated to the alley. This alley provides access to the garden behind, activating this connection and ensuring it does not remain an unused area.

Next to the paved square, there is the opportunity to create a green public space within the inner area. This green park, accessible to all residents of Lummen, forms an attractive and accessible ‘little park.’

  • Location: Lummen, Belgium
  • Program: Residential
  • Area: 4.800 m²
  • Year: 2022 – …
  • Status: In progress