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  • Location: Brussels, Belgium
  • Program: Restaurant
  • Area: 250 m²
  • Year: 2012
  • Status: Realized

Located in the center of Brussels, leading up to the Art Mount, the restaurant ‘Kwint’ serves as a central meeting spot for the newly opened ‘Brussels Square Conference Center’. The renovation of the formerly abandoned top arcades in which the restaurant took its premises is respectful of the architectural heritage. Bringing on a new breeze in this ensemble, SAQ’s intervention is minimal: the particular atmosphere is created with a limited amount of elements.

The length of the space is emphasized by both the padded side wall and the sculpture hovering over the dining tables. This 30-meter-long sculpture is a creation of Arne Quinze and erupts from the bar at the end of the room almost like a living and articulated organism. Floating above, the installation gives the seated customers a sense of protection and intensifies the notion of gathering.
The upholstered wall not only functions as a perfect acoustic absorbent for ambient conversations, but it houses all the essential technical elements and infrastructure: the heating and ventilation system, the electrical installations, but also the annex rooms such as the kitchen, the toilets, and the lounge. The wall is garnished with an irregular pattern of dots as if formed by the shadow of the moving sculpture.

One color prevails, and the glossy copper present on the sculpture’s skin as well as on the crackled surface of the side-wall openings reacts magnificently with the incoming daylight offered by the generous large-front windows.

On summer days, the accordion windows are opened up, making the view over the Brussels ancient center below an intrinsic component of the scenography.