Shark House

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  • Location: Hasselt, Belgium
  • Program: Private House
  • Area xxxx m²
  • Year: 2013
  • Status: Realized

This terraced house in the center of Hasselt appeals to passers-by because of its appearance. The glass façade reflects its environment SHARK without being overwhelmingly present in the street scene. A silver pattern is placed over the entire surface of the glass façade that ensures that the entering light is filtered. Internally an oasis of tranquillity is created, yet with a very large interaction with the city as well. The traditional residential program for a family with two children has been interpreted anything but classically. A void with a specific shape connects all levels and attracts added attention with an impressive light fitting. In addition, overhead light seeps into all areas of the house. Hidden behind the glass façade a garage and practice area are located on the ground floor with next to them a swimming pool that appeals to the imagination. The replica of the shark’s mouth enhances the artistic atmosphere that is emphasized by the materialization of green mosaic and warm walnut. We can speak of an overall concept that is continued on all levels.

On the first floor, the see-through property of the building becomes fully apparent. One life between the bustle of the city on the one hand and the green of the roof terrace on the other hand. The asymmetrical shape of the space returns to the island which also functions as a bar. The floor was executed in basalt and the kitchen is characterized by the application of the distinctive natural stone forest brown. The second level is fitted entirely for the youngest inhabitants of the house and executed completely within the overall concept as well. The master bedroom with dressing is located on the third floor. Here the oasis of tranquillity reaches a peak in the bathroom unit. Bathing among a wilderness of bamboo with city views. Finally, the roof level encourages exclusive parties on sultry summer evenings.