Hudson Hotel

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  • Location: New York, USA
  • Program: Hotel, Restaurant
  • Area: 278 m²
  • Year: 2010
  • Status: Realized

The Reimagined Hudson Hotel

In 1997, the Hudson Hotel embarked on a transformative journey when it was acquired by Morgans Hotel Group. It was ushered into a new era of elegance and style following a three-year renovation, a collaborative vision brought to life by the legendary Ian Schrager and renowned designer Philippe Starck. UAU collectiv (formerly known as SAQ) was tasked with the creative reimagining of the restaurant space, a challenge we embraced with innovative zeal.

Our design concept was a marriage of budget and beauty, introducing an art installation that invites interaction and engagement from guests, whether they’re enjoying a meal or their morning coffee. Suspended above the central kitchen, a glossy black box conceals multiple projectors whose lenses breathe life into a 360-degree canvas that surrounds guests. This canvas, composed of standard painter’s canvases supported by wooden frames, became a living mural in the heart of the Hudson.

The essence of the projections was community and creativity, sourcing open-source content as a canvas for New York’s vibrant creative spirits to showcase their moods, awaiting a smile of approval. Our collective contributed four original scenes, including a serene depiction of sunrise, complete with a quaint bird gliding through the dining area. Another was a thought-provoking landscape inspired by NASA maps of Iraq, where orderly grids were interrupted by meandering red rivers.

This installation has been admired by various artists, including the incomparable Lady Gaga, who has used it as a dynamic backdrop for her performances.

In November 2020, however, the curtains closed on the Hudson Hotel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, marking a solemn pause in its storied existence.