Markant Gebouw Beringen

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  • Location: Beringen, Belgium
  • Program: Residential
  • Area: 2.803 m²
  • Year: 2021
  • Status: Realized

Redefining Residential Architecture in Beringen

This distinctive building redefines contemporary apartment construction by creating a monolithic structure envisioned as a green oasis within a freestanding shell. Tailored to Beringen, it features 12 unique apartments on the upper floors, each with spacious layouts and wraparound west or east-facing terraces transitioning into balconies. The building’s defining feature is its living façade of climbing plants guided along rain chains.

On the ground floor, the existing pharmacy is relocated, creating a commercial base that enhances inner area permeability and redirects heavy traffic to the periphery. The building is positioned at the rear of the site to preserve market views from the Koerselsesteenweg apartments. The redesigned front zone, part of the market and Koerselsesteenweg redevelopment by the City of Beringen, includes six temporary parking spaces for pharmacy patrons. A private basement, accessible via public parking, maintains a separation between private and public areas.

The design features a recessed glass base for commercial activities, topped by a three-layer volume with a living façade. This green oasis within a shell of climbing plants is sustained through an innovative rainwater management system, ensuring sustainable irrigation. This integration of nature into the living space offers residents a unique residential experience, emphasizing the exclusive character of the limited apartments and their connection with the environment.