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  • Location: Hulst aan Zee, The Netherlands
  • Program: Public
  • Area: xxxx m²
  • Year: 2021– …
  • Status: In progress

The Waterzande project in Hulst Aan Zee focuses on a mixed residential and recreational environment with a focus on ‘home’ living, experiencing both near and far. Continuing the existing polder structures, a new village is being developed with various functions: marina, golf, housing, hotel,…
Various housing typologies are provided, ranging from apartments, terraced houses, semi-detached buildings, and open buildings. This creates a diversified village and appeals to as wide a target audience as possible.
The architecture of the whole is sober and blends into the landscape. A natural material palette with earth and sand colors has been chosen for this.
The project is a collaboration with LIPS for the master plan and landscape design, Conix rdbm and UAU collectiv for the architecture, and Zabra as a developer.

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