House SLH

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  • Location: Hasselt, Belgium
  • Program: Residential
  • Area: 245 m²
  • Year: 2014
  • Status: Realized

A contemporary city home that fits into the surrounding area was the aim of this project. A patio home with a nod to the typological characteristics of the surrounding area is the result. Entering happens through the street, passing an open patio connected to the Molenpoortplein. Because of this, we breach the ‘traditional way of living’ in the city center. The patio constitutes the anchor point of the house and ensures that the necessary natural light reaches the entire house. Surrounding the open character of the patio are the ground floor the entrance, the guest room with an accompanying bathroom unit, a storage area, and the parking space. Level +1 is reached by elevator or staircase. The kitchen with a spacious roof terrace and the living area unfolds around the patio with a maximum view of the Molenpoortplein. Level +2 contains the sleeping area. Level +3 recedes from the house front and harbors a multifunctional space as an offshoot of the living area on level +1. A breathtaking view over the skyline of the city can be perceived.