House G

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  • Location: Hasselt, Belgium
  • Program: Villa
  • Area: 470 m²
  • Year: 2014
  • Status: Realized

This L-shaped ground floor house is from the inside maximally oriented to the garden area and the landscape behind it. The L-shape emerged out of a desire for a broad view of and close contact with the garden, without affecting the privacy of the residents and the adjacent plots.

Because of its implantation, the house creates a buffer to the neighbor on the right-hand side but preserves the feeling of openness for the residents. The inside of the L-shape is fully glassed and provided with an awning in such a way that the house seamlessly continues in the garden area that is embraced by the two legs of the L-shape. In this area, a swimming pool can be found as well, which through a partly enclosed patio connects to the living and sports areas of the house. The night area is located in a zone parallel to the street. By working with glass walls this part of the house has a view of the garden as well. In order to preserve privacy on the street side, the façade is provided with a second skin. Between the façade and this second skin, a small green patio is laid that provides the necessary seclusion for a more intimate atmosphere in the night area. The second skin, however, also contains the perforations necessary to exercise sufficient social control on the street side. The ground floor nature of the house is an important durable aspect, but this can additionally be found in the chosen construction method as well. The openness of areas and structure allows for functional adaptability in time.