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  • Location: Genk
  • Program: Shop, caterer, bistro
  • Area: 270 m²
  • Year: 2015
  • Status: Realized
  • Link:

In the center of Genk, a new culinary concept was launched in the autumn of 2015. Peppe Giacomazza, chef of the Italian top restaurant La Botte and familiar face of the TV channel Njam!, has given his name to Peppe’s, a business that is a shop, caterer, and bistro all at the same time. It’s the place where everything happens. Where the entire family gets together, talks to each other, and where joys and sorrows are shared.

On the one hand, the business consists of a food store, where ingredients from the Sicilian kitchen can be found. In addition, it is possible to taste a large assortment of Italian delicacies on-site. Behind the transparent kitchen, where you can see the cooks behind glass with undulating relief, the dining area is located as the endpoint of the business. It is by centralizing the kitchen that every area, but consequently also every guest, is always in touch with what is happening in the business. They are part of the whole. It is a connecting element.

The culinary concept was translated into casual and playful interior architecture. The crude basic look of concrete and industrial techniques was upgraded with elements of copper, fresh colors, and elements in wood. The long wall painted with black chalk paint operates as an eye-catcher by means of the fresh chalk drawings and the recesses in colorful tiles. The long bar in Bianco Carrera marble leads the visitors from the food store to the cozy bistro at the back of the property. Color accents were added there with the wooden chairs with red, yellow, green, blue, white, and black metal frames.

Clear lines were drawn by using different materials in the floors and the walls for each area and by shifting the format – at the front and central area concrete floors and tiled walls and at the back tiled floors and concrete walls. This way the transition between the bar, kitchen, and dining area is realized fluently. It creates different atmospheres that stimulate the client to investigate and experience every part differently