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  • Location: As, Belgium
  • Program: Residential / Commercial
  • Area: 8.750 m²
  • Year: 2021
  • Status: Realized

In As, a transformative urban development has been realized through a collaborative effort between designers, developers, and the community. The project successfully introduced a library, catering services, commercial space, 48 apartments, and underground parking. This was made possible by the demolition of existing structures, paving the way for a revitalized urban landscape aimed at revitalizing the city center.

The initiative was born out of a detailed analysis of the existing urban conditions, which identified a disjointed mix of building forms, functions, and public spaces, with a notable lack of cohesive spatial structure. In particular, the green space between the church and Dorpstraat, although centrally located, was underutilized as a public space. The new design has effectively transformed this space into a vibrant public realm that is now an integral part of the community’s daily life.

This development has created a multifunctional urban core that not only strengthens the city’s identity, but also encourages interaction among different social groups. By interweaving different functions within a well-defined central zone, the project has enhanced the spatial qualities of the area and brought significant added value to the community. With these changes, As has established a new and recognizable identity, making the city center more attractive, accessible, and focused on sustainable and inclusive urban living.