be-MINE Urban Villa

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  • Location: Beringen, Belgium
  • Program: Urban Villas
  • Area: 1.710 m²
  • Year: 2016
  • Status: Realized

The aim of the designing process was to realize 6 modern Urban Villa within a contemporary context in the Houtpark of Beringen Mijn, that try to integrate into the current environment, to seek common ground in the historical context of the industrial mining history of Beringen and that act as a single unit in relation to each other, with the necessary diversity. The client wished to build compact housing units that fully satisfy the wishes of future residents. Every Urban Villa received 6 apartments each, the necessary semi-underground parking spaces, and an indoor terrace. The 2 apartments on the ground floor were equipped with a private garden. All housing units were structurally identically built through a central core and load-bearing exterior walls. Internally 2 structural floor arrangements are provided. Because of this, diversity is guaranteed in unity. The structural approach provides an optimal relationship between community and privacy: because of a compact central circulation core a maximum living surface can be offered for all apartments per Urban villa, with a spacious terrace in each case. The user received within a free plan maximum flexibility of the organization. Only the core and the ‘wet’ parts are fixed for both variants.