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  • Location: Lummen, Belgium
  • Program: Residential, 39 apartments
  • Area: 3.556 m²
  • Year: 2017
  • Status: Realized

The project area is located in the center of Lummen and is part of an inner area that can be reached from various angles. When drawing up the plan for this core-strengthening project of 39 residential units, an optimal way was sought to interweave the new developments with the existing urban fabric, starting from the various points of departure that the site provided. An open space is introduced on the terrain and by the implantation of various building blocks following the natural slope of the terrain not only a playful variation in the heights of the cornices is created, but additionally, the privacy of the various inhabitants is respected and a pleasant living environment is created. Within this concept of integration, a light color setting is chosen in which the green emerges.