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  • Location: Hasselt
  • Program: Hospitality
  • Area: 570 m²
  • Year: 2017
  • Status: Realized
  • Link: hetcordaat.be

On the rapidly evolving Corda Campus, there are several eateries where visitors and employees can find a place to unwind, quench their thirst, and satisfy hunger. The latest addition is “Het Cordaat”, which fully responds to the experience and atmosphere.

The use of different materials creates varying atmospheres for the restaurant, brasserie, and bar. The open kitchen can be felt throughout the space and the concept extends outwards through the spacious terrace. An oasis of tranquility is created in both the interior and the exterior in a Mediterranean setting. The rich choice of materials of natural stone Forest Green combined with warm oak, blank steel, and golden details form the basis of this new catering business. The central element is a conservatory-shaped structure with a deep green sofa. The lounge area includes a centrally located fireplace with seats. The use of wood felt and terrazzo, in combination with the abundance of greenery and golden accents, creates softness and warmth in the interior.

In addition to the green color of the natural stone and the furniture, the experience of Het Cordaat is enhanced by the presence of plants in all shapes and colors. The open kitchen and central bar ensure that the passion of the cook and the staff is brought to the tables. In line with the interior, the spacious terrace with a water feature is also a place to relax and enjoy. The Cordaat is there to experience and discover.