Care Facility Eyckendael

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  • Location: Riemst, Belgium
  • Program: Home for elderly
  • Area: 3.748 m²
  • Year: 2017
  • Status: Realized

The requested program in the expansion of the project area residential care facility Eyckendael in Riemst is diverse. Each function group has its own needs concerning surface, outdoor space, internal relations, and so on. The aim was one cohesive spatial and functional whole that could be approached from all sides. The new functions of the expansion of the rest home are concentrated around a square courtyard. The building is folded around it, like a sort of buffer between the public environment and the private outdoor space, creating a familiar environment for the residents. From the inside a double orientation is created: towards the heart, the enclosed courtyard, and towards the green environment of the existing context. A continuous circulation around the courtyard ensures an optimal connection with the existing rest home.

In collaboration with Architectengroep PSK