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  • Location: Bordeaux, France
  • Program: Villa
  • Area: 2.575 m²
  • Year: 2019
  • Status: Unrealized

Bordeaux, a region famous for its wine and its beautiful rural scenery. The hilly landscape of ‘Entre Deux Mers’ generates a somewhat feminine, sloping horizon.

Our project area is an exact replica of this scenery. A small hilltop that provides an overview of the vast landscape on one side and that’s covered by grape vines on the other side. Aged local conifers offer a true identity and are an unmistakable part of the unique character of the project site. The original dovecote takes its prominent place, donating her historical value to the region.

When watching the remains of an original wall from a top view, a circular form is revealed. Analyzing all inspirational viewpoints results in a prominent west-to-east orientation with colored sunrise and sunset vistas over the entire landscape. By interacting with the beautiful trees and dovecote we realize an intimate positioning of our design on the hilltop. This intimacy respects the privacy and cozy character of a residence but at the same time, it allows the view to be appreciated to its full potential.

The concept of the design is to integrate the building into the landscape in a modest way, but at the same time to give you the full experience of the natural elements: misty clouds in the morning, moonlight at night, and so on. To emphasize these elements and to stretch the views, we introduce a circular water surface that acts as a mirror. It generates tranquility and will serve as a cooling element during summer. By partially positioning the house in the ground, we open the possibility to experience the water surface from below as it will become a filter for a natural skylight. The project will be an experience of all senses and a continuous discovery of new views and interactions with ground, water, sunlight, air…

Guest areas and leisure functions are integrated into the hill. By pushing them towards the ridge they extend outward, blessing guests with amazing views over the valley. The internal leisure functions are located under the water’s surface and interact with water movement and light.

Internally, the layout is oriented respecting the position of the sun during the day. The result is a fully integrated design that respects the surrounding landscape and at the same time offers space and living quality, which will all be discovered once you enter this magnificent house.