CRQ Amsterdam

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  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Program: Housing
  • Area: 15.000 m²
  • Year: 2016
  • Status: Unrealized

The project delves into the complexities of urban design, navigating the challenges posed by two irregularly shaped parcels, a triangular to the west and an irregular quadrilateral to the east, influenced by neighboring street layouts. It meticulously calculates maximum building volumes, limiting apartments to 7 stories and houses to 4 stories, ensuring a balanced architectural scale.

Emphasizing the seamless integration of architecture with nature, the plan places a strong emphasis on green spaces, creating intimate landscapes for residents to enjoy. The stepped residential structure optimizes light penetration and promotes dynamic interior spaces within the residential fabric.

Functionality is a key consideration, with careful attention paid to street-level accessibility and the provision of public amenities. Residential units are designed to provide flexible living environments that can adapt to the evolving needs of their occupants.

The elevation of the ground floor allows for a variety of uses, from commercial activity below to ample parking. Each unit is designed with versatility in mind, allowing residents to personalize their living spaces to suit their lifestyles.

The residential tower reflects the ethos of the project, offering adaptable living spaces that seamlessly integrate with the surrounding landscape.

In summary, the project exemplifies a thoughtful approach to urban design that prioritizes harmonious integration with the natural environment and creates adaptable, community-centered spaces for its residents.