Garden Pavilion AK

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  • Location: Hasselt, Belgium
  • Program: Garden pavilion with swimming pool
  • Area: 75 m²
  • Year: 2018
  • Status: Realized

A busy schedule and a great love of nature and greenery created the client’s request to realize a garden pavilion where one can retreat and unwind. The pavilion is executed as a suspended pedestal with 8 columns that carry the roof panel and in which a cylindrical volume is positioned eccentrically. At the level of the terrace, an incision in the roof panel creates a play of sun and shade. From the house, one looks down on a sedum green roof that functions as an extension of the garden.

Austerity in materials and design went hand in hand with a high degree of detailing and ensured that the new garden element isn’t experienced as disruptive from the existing house. One looks, so to speak, through the volume towards the rear part of the garden. The cylindrical volume accommodates a sauna with a bathroom unit and the surrounding area is dedicated to unwinding by the fireplace. The terrace is slid over the elongated and elegant swimming pool so that one can look across the water’s surface. The floor of the pavilion continues over the terrace into the garden that is landscaped idyllically. Nature is at its most beautiful with winding paths and a division between intensive and extensive green management.

The edges were raised and planted with extensive grass. In addition, wildflower meadows and grasses were alternated with lawn paths. The garden design and the pavilion reinforce each other and undoubtedly fulfill the client’s initial demand for an environment to unwind.