Quartier Canal

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  • Location: Hasselt, Belgium
  • Program: Revitalization of an industrial site
  • Area: 813.000 m²
  • Year: 2017
  • Status: Unrealized

The Quartier Canal project in Hasselt aims to rejuvenate the canal area by transforming it into a vibrant, creative waterfront. This initiative seeks to redefine the currently underutilized industrial zone into a dynamic mixed-use district that harmonizes education, research, creativity, culture, alternative living, and recreation while maintaining its unique hybrid essence. The project emphasizes the integration of the waterway as a central element, enhancing the city’s connection to its broader environment and requiring the thoughtful development of public spaces along the waterfront to link multiple functions, green spaces, and a new infrastructure network.

The development strategy is based on a realistic and feasible program of activities and functions, in line with Hasselt’s ambition to cultivate a creative hub and take advantage of market-related development opportunities. This includes taking into account existing and future developments in the surrounding area.

The Quartier Canal master plan provides pedestrian and bicycle-friendly access, connects the site directly to the city center, and enhances green routes and zones to attract the public to the revitalized waterfront. The plan proposes innovative solutions for urban integration, including high-rise and pavilion designs that promote public spaces and creative outdoor use, contributing to Hasselt’s urban quality and social vibrancy.