Katameya Mall

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  • Location: Cairo, Egypt
  • Program: Shopping mall
  • Area: 75.000 m²
  • Year: 2019 – …
  • Status: In progress

In the rapidly changing social, economic, and climate conditions, designing a new generation of malls is a challenge that requires a complete rethinking of the overall idea. By analyzing and comparing different ways of shopping, qualities, and possible benefits of the large-scale development, it becomes clear that the success story would only be possible if we treat the mall as a vibrant urban environment rather than a typical monofunctional shopping center and if we can answer to needs of local communities. In a context that lacks quality outdoor public space, a mall becomes a safe and well-maintained urban oasis. Therefore, the focus on bringing the true qualities of cultural and life experiences inside the building not only enriches the space by providing a unique identity but, most importantly, puts the people and their senses at the core of the story.