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  • Location: Diepenbeek, Belgium
  • Program: Offices
  • Area: 1.600 m²
  • Year: 2023
  • Status: Realized

Bewel has completed the construction of its new head office in Diepenbeek, transitioning from its previous headquarters to a facility that aligns with the latest energy standards and offers an enhanced working environment. As one of Limburg’s largest employers, with a workforce of 2,200 across nine locations, Bewel effectively operates both within its specialized workshops and directly on the premises of various sector clients.

The drive to build a new office stemmed from the urgent need to meet modern energy efficiency standards and provide a contemporary working environment. The office is designed to be a leader in innovation, circularity, and sustainability, with flexible workspaces to accommodate evolving work dynamics.

During the planning phase, Bewel actively involved its employees to ensure that the new headquarters would meet their needs. Input was gathered from representatives of each department, resulting in a tailored design.

The project was realized in partnership with the consortium of Artem, UAU Collectiv, and Van Roey Services, with a focus on keeping total costs manageable over the next 20 years. The new Diepenbeek site is set to centralize Bewel’s services in an adaptable and commercially viable structure, significantly boosting the company’s external profile through its architectural uniqueness.

Emphasizing simplicity and flexibility, the new building features a predominantly glass facade to enhance natural light and views, thereby improving the spatial experience within. An extensive canopy, designed to filter light and prevent overheating, contributes to the building’s aesthetic and functional appeal.

The inherent adaptability of the layout allows for future reconfigurations, ensuring that the space can evolve with changing needs. Traffic flow on the site has been carefully planned to enhance safety by separating different types of traffic. The introduction of green spaces among the existing concrete aims to enhance the well-being of both visitors and employees, marking a step towards a more vibrant and sustainable working environment for Bewel.