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  • Location: Hasselt, Belgium
  • Program: Office / Commercial
  • Area: 4.230 m²
  • Year: 2022 – …
  • Status: In progress

The existing office building of the former RECOR site is characterized by the rhythm of the stately concrete facade, as well as by the typical neon letters that are part of the collective memory of many Hasselaars. To do justice to this building and the site, we want to see to it that the building receives a renovation that preserves and enhances the original appearance and architecture. We do this by cleaning, repairing and insulating the concrete facade from the inside. In addition, a fifth building layer will be added as a receding glass volume. This volume will be provided with a thin roof plate, with recesses for lighting the roof garden. The neon letters will also be brought back, but with a new look.

The site, located just outside the Grote Ring in the south of the city, is one of the few purple zones in Hasselt still to be developed. Flanked by the Prins-Bisschopssingel in the north and the E313 in the south, it benefits from excellent accessibility for both local and supra-local traffic.

The plot forms an extension of the existing business park to the east on the other side of the train track, where the workshops of the city of Hasselt are located. Further east is also the care campus of the Jessa hospital, which will be further developed in the near future and will also seek (in)direct connection with our site.

Due to its unique location just outside the center, separated from surrounding residential areas, this location offers many possibilities. Close enough to seek an interesting connection to the city center, and secluded enough to allow its activities to take place so that businesses can flourish thanks to this duality. It is also certain that more and more hybrid companies are emerging that consciously seek proximity to the city while retaining all the possibilities of an SME location. Living, thinking and doing in close proximity leads to more innovation.