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  • Location: Hasselt, Belgium
  • Program: Office / Commercial
  • Area: 75.000 m²
  • Year: 2022 – …
  • Status: In progress

The RE|CORE project in Hasselt is setting a new standard for business parks in Flanders, with an ambition to become the most eco-friendly campus in the region. Spanning 9 hectares, this strategically located site near major transportation links epitomizes the next generation of corporate environments, prioritizing circularity, ecology, and communal engagement.

Departing from traditional development models, RE|CORE places stakeholder value at the forefront, designing the campus to meet the needs of its end-users and the broader community. This innovative approach cultivates a community of businesses and individuals dedicated to sustainability.

The masterplan for RE|CORE includes a diverse mix of business buildings and offices, complemented by support services set within an inviting landscape. This setup is aimed at attracting entrepreneurs looking for both value and identity for their ventures and teams. The project is anchored by key principles: RE|CONNECT to foster community well-being, RE|BUILD to promote circularity, RE|LOAD to facilitate the energy transition, RE|GREEN for ecological enhancement, and RE|DIRECT to improve accessibility. These guiding tenets ensure the development of a sustainable and dynamic community.

At the core of the initiative is the energy community, a collective focused on sustainable technologies and renewable energy sources. An ‘energy central’ is designed to meet anticipated future climate conditions, providing a resilient infrastructure for distributing energy throughout the site. A comprehensive data collection and management system ensures efficient energy use and sustainability.

RE|CORE’s transformation into an open campus is a significant shift from the traditional, closed-off industrial sites. By selectively repurposing existing structures, the project invites openness and adaptability to meet the changing needs of the business community. The layout includes various zones tailored to different types of enterprises, all linked by the CORE line—a pathway designed for pedestrians and cyclists that enhances site accessibility and connectivity to Hasselt’s urban fabric.

This development mirrors the global movement towards digital, sustainable, and circular business models. RE|CORE not only serves as a blueprint for future business parks but also underscores the critical role of sustainable development in the corporate real estate sector, demonstrating that eco-friendly practices can coexist with corporate growth and innovation.