VM Brugge

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  • Location: Bruges, Belgium
  • Program: Residential
  • Area: 24.000 m²
  • Year: 2019
  • Status: Competition

The design proposal arose from bringing together the Bruges identity and this in combination with a new construction project that aims to act as a statement as a progressive example.

The first factor, the identity of Bruges, mainly arises from the spatial experience of the current center. A pleasant variety of charming narrow alleys, cozy streets, and a succession of squares. These atmospheres are regularly connected with waterways and are surrounded by historic buildings. They all arise from specific proportions and sizes. We have reduced these sizes and proportions to the Bruges’ basic size. By using these, these atmospheres can be recalled within the project. In fact, it will become the basic building block of the design from which a very well-thought-out and functional project can emerge. The 3 × 3-meter grid ensures that an alley and a car park are 3 meters wide, a terrace is 3 meters deep, one floor is 3 meters high, etc.

The translation of the Bruges measure and the integration of the project,
the site forms outlines that are in accordance with the earlier urban development vision of Jozef Stübbe. He paid attention to the width and course of the street, the size and shape of the building blocks, the heights of the “houses”, an alternating building line through the construction of “front gardens”, light, air, sun, planting of trees, and public gardens.