Love Tomorrow Music & Arts School, Nepal

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  • Location: Sekha, Nepal
  • Program: Music & Arts School
  • Area: 440 m²
  • Year: 2018
  • Status: Realized
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When designing the school, it was important that it could be built entirely by local contractors, in a small village in the heart of the Nepal Himalayas, far from all major cities.

We wanted to be able to call on the craftsmanship of the local craftsmen and to work with as many local materials as possible. The ochre red bricks and the thatched roof, made according to local traditions and woven together on-site, are the best proof of this. Nepal has an incredibly rich history in architecture. The many temples in and around the capital Kathmandu are the best proof of this. Unfortunately, the political and economic situation of the last decades has meant that architecture is currently on the back burner.

Through the shape of the building, the use of local and traditional building materials, and the involvement of the local inhabitants, we hope that through this school we can rekindle their interest and pride in architecture. It was a very educational and special experience for our office!