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Driven by a strong love for the Italian cuisine and with years of catering experience behind them, Peppe and Marc decided to open up a food store where customers would be treated to only the best selection of Italian products. The food store breaths La Dolce Vita. The refrigerated counters are filled with pure food, fresh and authentic ingredients, and all of this chosen with attention to the graphics of the selected products.

The interior reflects their warmth and passion for the trade and works as a blank canvas for the products on display. A black steel rack with wooden crates constitutes both the separation and the connection between the shop and the heart of Peppe & Marcus, the kitchen. The homey table in the centre of the store hosts the tasting sessions held prior to the catering orders. The combination of plywood and white hexagon tiles reflects the pure flavours and simplicity that can be found in each of their creations. A Scandinavian touch is added to the Italian concept that due to the green-white-red-lighting is even visible from the street. The interior was executed by local craftsmen, strengthening the concept of passion for the trade, with every detail contributing to the culinary experience. We can feel the love!

  • Location: Opglabbeek, Belgium
  • Program: Foodstore
  • Area: 70 m²
  • Year: 2016
  • Status: Completed