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By introducing clay into the realm of furniture, Atelier Vierkant enhances the use of a material that humans have been able to connect with ever since ancient times. Clay Heritage returns in the round-shaped bathtubs, the complex body of the stone series, coffee tables, plates, stools, vases and larger vessels. The imperfections of each shape and piece make it unique. Working in clay, letting the rough materials run through our hands, modeling and creating … as artisan, we can experience the sense of home through these actions. Heimweh, a German word without a proper a translation in English, indicates nostalgia and the sense of missing home.

We often forget the difference between knowing something about a place and actually being there and experiencing it with all our senses. We define home as the place we belong to, the place we can connect with easily, the place where we work, live, and spend time with family and friends. We feel at home in the place we can connect with our Heritage and where we revive the memories of our ancestors. New inspirations have been materialized in color experimentation, daring shapes and new patterns of decoration as well as textures. From the long, thin cylindric shapes of CD and CC to the oblique lines of FG and to the unique shape of CS that vertically combines two different sized cylinders, Atelier Vierkant Kaseholm collection is thought to have a unique impact on the surrounding environment not just by enriching it but also and especially by standing out as masterpieces of the art of pottery.